These Are Tough Times To Be A Cop In America.


In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the race riots in Baltimore, and in Ferguson Cops are told to do one ting, and then to do something else. to stop crime and protect civilians, and when they do, they are yelled at by the same civilians, that they are protecting, and they are also yelled at because they are cruel when they are only doing their job properly. No one…and I mean NO ONE, can guess what it is like to be a cop these days. To be caught in the moment and have to make a choice, of to shoot or not to shoot. …NOW THAT IS ONE TOUGH JOB. And it is why so many cops become so frustrated that they just don’t want to be Cops any longer..

The toughest part of the job of being a Cop is not the civilians, or the criminals, but the politics involved with the job.. It’s damn tougher when your Superiors, or the Politicians don’t have your back. If you screw up, then you are Screwed big time, even when you do as you were trained, and you took action! It could be the last time that you saw your family, because you’re going to get thrown to the wolves. What a novel concept!

Monday morning quarter backing is the norm in police work. Should you have used a taser, or “ should you have shot him in the leg. Or maybe you should have even just let the bastard go and let some other sucker deal with him. And the WORST thing a cop can encounter is a thug who does not listen to instruction. The bad guy may know he has no weapon, but the cop does not. We are trained to believe every bad guy has a gun until we prove otherwise. If a thug refuses to let a cop ascertain the situation and make sure he is safe, well, then all bets are off if the thug does something stupid.

How is it that we do not have another Martin Luther King Jr. to emerge to lead this process? Is there no African-American willing to step up, other than the Race Batiers like Sharpton, and take control of this situation! Someone fair minded with a vision of how things can truly be,when all men can live and work together in peace and harmony…..or was that just one man’s dream,that sadly died with him in 1968! Come on folks,we are better than this….I know it and most of you know it!

Rule number one. If obama does not want cops shooting his sons, well then the black community MUST start teaching them to listen to a cop when he speaks. But NOPE. Instead we teach them to hate whitey. Hate cops. Run from the cops. Or maybe Obama will sic Al Sharpton on you! The number one killer of blacks on blacks is bad parenting. And there is nothing any police agency or law can do ever that will reverse years and years of bad parenting. NOTHING.

Don’t blame the cops. Blame the thug for not using common sense. Blame the Parents for being Bad Parents. For not listening to authority, their teachers, the principal of theirs schools, the police and so on. Blame the parents for letting them run the streets wild with no supervision and no teaching from right and wrong. Blame the Black leaders for blaming everyone else! Blame the black culture that has done this for generations now, and nothing is improving. Being harassed by the cops does NOT happen if you behave. It does NOT happen if you stay away from circumstances that lead to crime. It doesNOT happen if you are friends with good people, as opposed to hoodlums and thugs. It does NOT happen if you do NOT have a chip on your shoulder and anger towards authority.
But nope, it’s easier to blame the stupid cop on the beat


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