Is Illegal Immigration Destroying America? You Bet Your Bippi It Is.

And if you think otherwise, feel free to dispute, debate, confirm, or whatever on any one or combination of these comes to mind.. This should be a good, rousing debate!
And by the way, let me qualify this by saying that I find NOTHING wrong with legal immigration.
It’s the illegal’s who are causing the problems.
Here is My List of the Harms of Immigration

1. Americans lose jobs. (especially Whites due to affirmative action).And PLEASE, don’t tell me that Immigrants generally take lower-paying jobs that many natural-born citizens won’t touch.

2. Wage reduction.

3. Tax $ lost (due to off books work + lower wages paid).

4. Remittance $$$ lost. ($170 Billion year).

5. Tax $$ lost to immigrants on welfare.

6. Increased crime.

7. Increased traffic congestion.

8. Increased pollution.

9. Overcrowding in hospital ERs.

10. Overcrowding in recreational facilities.

11. Overcrowding in government offices.

12. Overcrowding in schools.

13. Decrease in funds available for entitlements.

14. Cultural erosion.

15. Overuse of scarce resources (oil, gasoline, fresh water, jobs, electricity, food, etc)

16. Introduction of foreign diseases