The Little Muslim School Boy and His Clock Fairy Tale

Removing Obama from the White House and installing Trump as our new President is the only chance we have to repair the damage.That will also hopefully remove the Progressive TRASH  that writes this CRAP!
Stupid is as stupid does. I have no desire to concentration on the Black community, or the Muslim community, or for the Liberal community, and for that matter especially the Filthy, Lowlife community who won’t work, won’t pay taxes, and instead receives and lives off the handouts of the socialist government that has these leaches thriving off the taxpayers… . . My soul was put on Earth to live it’s own life. I don’t seek to feed another. Collectivism is for those that don’t stand a chance of surviving on their own.

Who really knows? Maybe the next time everyone will be SO afraid of “profiling” a poor little Muslim school boy, he will be able to access a real bomb. Isn’t it possible that he or someone else had him “TESTING THE WATERS” or on a “TRIAL RUN”?
But NO! Obama wants to make a Hero out of him instead! FOR WHAT?

Try and take that same facsimile of the “clock” through airport security and lets see how innocent he looks to them!. What ever happened to “If you see something, say something”? And don’t let any Progressive Dimwit tell you anything else!!! .

The teacher, the principal and the police, did the right ting, they acted swiftly and may have prevented a terrorist attack for all we know. They should be commended, and not reprimanded.