Condi Rice Will Not Speak at Rutgers University’s Commencement

The point is that Obama is just as guilty of war crimes as Condi Rice is. But these idiotic Liberal A-Hole students would probably be delighted to have him as their commencement speaker.

The complete collapse of the antiwar movement after Oblabber was elected president showed quite clearly that many so-called “peace activists” are lying hypocrites — they only oppose wars that Republicans are running, and don’t really give a crap about what the war is about..

But it wasn’t always this way. During the 1960s, the antiwar movement hated LBJ with a passion. And if thing were as they were then, LBJ would have been as loved and worshiped as the Messiah as Oblabber is. But now for the Democrats/Liberals, it’s all party over principle.

Obama the “peace candidate”, LOL, ended the war in Iraq on President Bush’s timetable, and now he claims credit for it — although he wanted to stay there longer, but the Iraqis wouldn’t go for it. And now he continues to fight the Afghan war endlessly — but the progressives say nothing. Nothing new to see here. . . just the same old intolerance and war crimes, from a generation of libs who have committed, illegal takeovers of governments, genocide against the unborn, lies, and cover-ups, scandals after scandals, and the mistreatment of our troops on a scale even Hitler would be proud of?
Do any of you asinine liberals know what a war criminal is? Dr. Rice has more class than any of you. I’m sure Snookie is available for a great speech again, and if they can’t get her maybe Lady Gaga or Joe Biden is available.
My oh my, how times have changed


One thought on “Condi Rice Will Not Speak at Rutgers University’s Commencement

  1. The close mindedness of the Left on this is so upsetting..
    I don’t get how you’d call Condi guilty of war crimes, but I’m thinking Iranians with those blue thumbs they got during their first real elections would have been thrilled to have her speak at their commencement exercises.

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