What Do Hippies, Druggies, Lazy Bums, Handout-Freaks, Dumb Old ladies, and Other Liberals Have in Common with Hillary Clinton?

The people listed above are not old enough, or smart enough, or who are not patriotic enough to know the truth, or care enough about the Clintons. Hillary Clinton is an aging Marxist who was mired in corruption, cronyism, and lying for her entire political career. And, that if not for her pervert husband Bill, the sexual predator, it is most like that Hillary Clinton would be either a money-grubbing lawyer trading favors or a bitter, shrill Marxist.

Bottom line …

If there is anyone who would rob America and its youth of their rightful place in the world and abundant opportunity, it is Hillary Clinton – so corrupt she stole the furnishings of the White House – “The People’s House” as she walked out the door.

The sad truth is that Hillary Clinton and the progressive socialist democrats – in reality, the neo-Communist Party in the United States – cannot and will not protect America and Americans. Nor uphold the Constitution or Rule of Law that governs us all.

If I had to sum up Hillary: corrupt, sleazy, and totally devoid of American values.