Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi ! Yes!

I’m amazed at the stupidity of there liberals who are having a field day, and doing a “Victory Lap” over the capture of one lousy creep who was at the Bengazhi attack. . You scumbags had no clue the media found some of the terrorists and the terrorists bragged about the attack.

You are also dumb enough to believe these terrorists could hide in Libya away from the CIA and other intel agencies of other countries. This isn’t the mountains of Pakistan and this terrorist didn’t have millions of dollars to use for protection.

Obama is using this capture to change the news headlines and you stupid fuck inbreds are falling for it like his polling goons predicted.

Please tell me what any of this has to do with the COVER-UP by Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice? Answer: NOTHING!

And if I recall correctly, and I’m sure that I do, the same guy said that the initial attackers were not motivated by the video but that once the attack breached the compound, a riot ensued, and many of the Libyans who ransacked and lit the place on fire were motivated by the video.


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