ILLEGAL immigration!

I am the son of an immigrant, my father came to New York in 1929 from Russia… He became a legal resident as soon as he was able to, then a citizen, he spoke English in the first year that he was here, he raised an AMERICAN family that all spoke English and that is how it should be..

Immigration reform? No, we have adequate immigration laws as it is, they need to be enforced…

If you come here legally and become a citizen of the United States and love this nation, representing yourself as an American, I welcome you with open arms…

If you come here and live illegally, if you can’t or won’t become a citizen and declare yourself an American, I have no use for you..

I don’t know why you Hispanic here can’t do the same… The USA is over-run with ILLEGAL’S and they are bleeding our counties resources dry; medical care, schools, a need for increased law enforcement and so forth, and they contribute very little to America…

LEGAL immigration? You bet… ILLEGAL immigration is just that, ILLEGAL, what part of LEGAL can’t you Progressive- Liberal’s understand?


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