Drop Benghazi? I think NOT!

As far as Benghazi is concerned, NO we are not dropping it. You Liberals KNOW that we are right and that YOU are wrong, why else would you be telling us to drop it?
This administration is SO damn crooked that it would be a Joke if it weren’t so serious. Obama, Hillary, and Holder are ALL lairs and crooks, as for Holder, he is the most corrupt Attorney General in history of the country and I am not overstating that! He is that bad. Fast and Furious should have lead to prosecutions. Same with the IRS scandal. Holder has no honor or integrity. This has to be one of the most corrupt administrations in US history!
As for Obama, LIAR be his name! This buffoon is so hopelessly in love with himself, everything he says is always about him.
And as for the Hildabeast.
We now know, that she knew it was a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with the YouTube video. Yet at the Andrews Air Force base ceremony, she went up to the father of the slain retired Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, Mr. Charles Woods and told him they’d get the guy responsible for his son’s death–the video producer.
Can you imagine how black a person’s soul has to be to be able to commit such a heinous lie to a grieving father? It’s beyond human understanding. This Bitch of Benghazi is pure evil.
It was well acknowledged that it was a terrorist attack. After the terrorist attack it was REPORTED to OBAMA and all his minions that it was a terrorist attack, yet he was in an election so he couldn’t have an Al Qaeda victory. Therefore his administration lead by the hopeless and honorless Hilary Clinton total Valarie Jackson to go life on TV and LIE. They all knew that it was a terrorist attack, but they instructed everyone to lie and make up a story about a film that no one including the Muslims have ever heard of.


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