How to Escape Responsibility, By Crying Rasism!

Whenever a black liberal is criticized, whenever he or she fails, whenever he or she says sorting stupid, the first they do is he cry “racism”. When the liberal policy, agenda, fails, once again liberals cry “racism”. When the Democrat – Liberal Party gets in trouble, and the candidate is falling in the polls, liberals cry “racism”. It is as certain as, the birds chirping at the first sign of Spring.

Sure, we all know that racism does still exist and always will, but once the Democrat Party joined the GOP in being opposed to racist policies, appealing to racism became a dead dog political loser in this country. The very fact that we’ve become so hypersensitive about it give the minorities a perfect excuse for their failures.
They love to cry racism even more when conservatives dare to attempt call attention to their failures. Is it because of the fact that they are Black? Or is it because of the fact they simply failed!
And yet whenever a Black Republican runs for high office, they won’t stand behind him.
When Liberals cant defend their guy on his dismal, failed record, they cey “Racism”
Keep in mind that we live in a nation where a black President was elected and elected twine. And where we have a black Attorney General. And yet here in this country we are constantly hearing liberals howling about what a racist country we live in.
It’s so pitiful to hear that liberals have gotten so desperate to see race in every issue that they’ve failed in, in other words, the ones crying “racism” are the real racists.


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